Inspired by Grace, LLC

Inspired by Grace (IBG) is a community-based practice based in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer therapeutic and outreach services throughout Metro Atlanta. Whether you're in the market for a coach or therapist, we have you covered. 

We currently offer the following services:

• Individual Therapy
• Couple’s Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Group Therapy
• Co-parenting Therapy
• Domestic Violence Intervention
• Behavior Modification Sessions
• Anger Management
• Parent Coaching
• Life Coaching
• Life Skills Courses
• Coping Skill Management
• Decision Making Skills Courses
• Financial Literacy
• Drug Testing

Important Information for Therapy Seekers

We are currently in network with the following insurance companies: Caresource, Amerigroup, BCBS/Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare. Anytime you use your medical insurance for therapy, you are required to have a mental health diagnosis that stays on your medical record indefinitely. This is a REQUIREMENT for ALL insurance providers.

Some insurance plans will reimburse for “out-of-network” providers, which is what we would be considered. If this is the case for you, we would be glad to provide a receipt with all relevant information if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. For more information about whether you would qualify for this, call your insurance company to find out whether your plan has mental health/behavioral health coverage. If it does, you will want to find out if it reimburses out-of-network providers and, if so, what the requirements are. (For example, do you have a deductible to meet? What rate will they reimburse you?) Do be aware that any time you use your insurance to pay for mental health coverage, the insurance company requires a diagnosis code, which becomes part of your medical records.

The investment rate for all other services are as follows:

We offer a sliding scale for therapy services only. The sliding scale rate starts at $100. If you would like to apply for the sliding scale option, please click this link, or visit the "Sliding Scale Application" page.

** Please note that the full fee is due prior to each session. Only therapy services are covered by insurance. All other services are considered out of pocket investments.