L.I.T. Hikes for Black Moms

L.I.T. (Live, Intimate, Therapeutic) Hikes for Black Moms is an unapologetic safe space for Black mothers and their daughters to reconnect and heal unresolved issues by merging music, Black culture, and energy work. Each themed hike is curated to empower mothers and daughters to have candid and culturally relevant conversations that result in a spine-tingling transformation in their relationship and how they communicate with each other and the people in their lives.

Hikes are hosted at some of the most beautiful nature reserves within the metro Atlanta area. L.I.T. Hikes for Black Moms is a seasonal event that is typically facilitated on the first and last Saturday of the month. Hiking season is from April to October.

** The admission price per ticket is a flat rate per family. A General Admission ticket includes a light breakfast, snacks, hiking experience, and swag.** An upgraded VIP ticket is available upon request.

Here's how it works

Book your walk

Book your therapeutic hiking excursion using the Calendly link. You'll receive an automated email from Calendly with the location of the hike, a reminder of what to bring, and your pre-hiking assignment.

Text Confirmation

Calendly will send an automated email reminder 24 hours before our scheduled hiking excursion, and you will receive a text message confirmation the morning of our hike, so please use a valid phone number during registration.

Meeting Point

We will meet at the designated hiking location. The experience will not begin until all participants have checked in, so please be on time.

Excursion Begins

The excursion begins with an opening ritual and ends with a closing ritual to release stagnant energy and increase energy flow.

What to bring

1. Comfortable shoes and appropriate attire

2. Water or a hydrating beverage

3. Light snacks (optional)

4. An open heart, mind, and spirit

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