Music x Black Culture x Holistic Care

The Trap Unicorn

“I feel like traditional therapy is boring and isn’t always conducive to speaking to the needs and experiences of Black people – so I created my alter ego, the Trap Unicorn, because she is a representation of urban Black culture and the Black girl who blasts her music on the way to the farmer’s market.” – Dr. Terri

The Trap Unicorn was inspired by the late visionary, activist, and entertainer, Tupac Amaru Shakur and the common devotion to advocate for the unrepresented and voiceless. The Trap Unicorn stands as a brand that fights against systematic oppression and strives to help Black families reclaim their power through creating safe and supportive spaces for self-healing using music, Black culture, and holistic practices.

The Trap House of Healing

The Trap House of Healing is a sacred oasis curated for Black women to parent and heal their inner child, while vibing to the heavy bass and hypnotic rhythms from a live DJ. The Trap House merges music and high energy frequency waves with holistic wellness as a gateway to releasing old patterns and ways of thinking that do not serve you. There are three experiences to choose from: Gardening in the Trap House Garden, balancing and realigning your energy centers with meditation and sound therapy or promote healing in the body with a trauma focused restorative yoga flow.Please note that each healing experience comes with a prepared meal. Use the links below to book your experiences.

Muvas of Amerikkka

In partnership with the State of Hope, Muvas of Amerikkka, is a virtual grant funded program designed to help Black mothers in Georgia increase social, emotional, mental and financial stability by teaching financial literacy, parenting skills, mental illness awareness, cultural awareness, interpersonal skills, societal/risk factors awareness, and building community linkage. 

Muvas of Amerikkka is a cycled eight-week course that meets virtually once a week for 2.5 hours with supplemental assignments between each virtual meeting. Muvas of Amerikkka services Black mothers in Fulton, Clayton, Dekalb, Cobb, and Gwinnett counties. To apply, complete the form below. To learn more about the State of Hope, and their hope for Georgia families, click here.

Keynote Speaking and Podcasts


Dr. Terri is a woman of many talents and prides herself in delivering high-energy impactful keynotes that will have the audience “getting their entire life together”. Dr. Terri uses a mixture of gut punching humor and intellect to teach, captivate, and inspire her audience. 


Dr. Terri knows that her true value comes not just from her time on the mic, but the RESULTS that are generated by the audience after the fact. That’s why she’s laser-focused on creating change. She works with every event organizer before the event to identify the most-desired outcomes and craft spaces that are tailored directly to the audience. Then, she gives every audience member a takeaway (usually in the form of a challenge or workbook) to ensure they’re ready to hit the ground running and implement REAL change.


It’s no secret that more and more speaking opportunities are taking place virtually. After all, it’s less travel and expense for you and the speaker you hire. Fortunately, Dr. Terri has been prepping for this for years, so no matter what program suits you and your team, she’s here to make it happen, whether in person or virtually. 

To book a consult for keynote speaking or podcast opportunities, click here.

Therapeutic Teatime

You are cordially invited to be our guests at our therapeutic sophistiratchet tea party! Therapeutic Teatime is an intimate therapeutic space for women of color to network, unpack, and engage in pivotal conversations about the experiences of womanhood.  Tea parties are hosted at Piedmont Park: 1320 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306 Ticket pricing is for one individual guest. Each guest must register individually. This event is for adults ages 21 and older. If there is a 40% chance of rain or higher on the day of our tea party, the party may be rescheduled. You can opt to attend the next available party.

Here's how it works

Pick the date: Book your tea party using the Calendly link. You'll receive an automated confirmation email from Calendly.
Each tea party is different and features a live DJ, champagne and refreshments.

Come party: Show up to the party dressed up or dressed down (you decide).

Therapeutic Teatime is a live extension of the podcast “Therapeutic Teatime with the Trap Unicorn”. 

My Daughter's Keeper Experience

My Daughter's Keeper VIP Experience is an upgrade to purchasing your copy of My Daughter's Keeper journal. With this bundled opportunity, you will receive a signed copy of My Daughter's Keeper Journal, an energy cleansing kit, a 30-Day VIP Experience Pass, and access to a supportive community of other Black moms. To take advantage of this unique upgrade, click the link below.