My Daughter's Keeper Journal

My Daughter's Keeper Journal is your self-guided roadmap to creating a spinetingling transformation in how you and your daughter interact and communicate.

The HealMan Collective

A 3-year therapist development program that equips aspiring MFTs with the practical skills and techniques required to dominate the MFT field.

Meet Dr. Terri

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Hello & Welcome!

Hello there! Welcome to my little corner on the internet! My name is Dr. Terri Tanisha, affectionately known to others as The Trap Unicorn. Whether you found me by chance or from doing a little research, I'm honored to share this space with you. Feel free to browse around, and when you're ready, click the video above to find out how I or someone from my crew can be of service to you. If you're ready to become a new client, click the link below to complete the new client referral form.

L.I.T. Hikes for Black Moms

Live. Interactive. Therapeutic. (L.I.T.) Hikes is the event where toe curling transformations happen
Spirtual & Holistic Care
Trap Affirmations & Intention Setting Candle Set
Crystal & Herb Infused Candles
Marbled Chakra Meditation Candles

About The Brand

From our customers


Creative & Innovative

"Mrs. Terri is so dope. I worked with her for 7 months and looked forward to every single session. She is very creative, and I love that she thinks outside of the box. I will definitely miss working with her, but I know I can always come back if I need to."

D. Neel

The Best Therapist in Atlanta

"My family and I love Mrs. Terri. She got us all the way together, and it felt good to have a Black therapist that I didn't have to over explain myself to. Book her NOW!"

Tamika H.

She's Always Welcome to the Family Cookout

"For a long time I felt like I wasn't doing enough, because I was stressed out and couldn't always be there for my kids. Mrs. Terri helped me out and helped me see that I really wasn't a bad mom at all. She became a part of our family and I know that if you feel anything like the way I did, then Mrs. Terri can definitely help you."

Juanita G.

The G.O.A.T. of Therapy

"I am so happy I worked with Dr. Terri. I was able to learn a lot about myself and how my own issues as a child have affected the way I parent. The work was hard, but so well worth it."

Iesha S.