Terri Smith, MA, CAMS, LMFT

Wussup? wussup? wussuuup!?! (I totally said that in my Martin Lawrence voice) My name is Terri Tanisha and I help Black women heal inner childhood trauma wounds so that they can break generational curses and create healthier relationships. I use meditation, sound therapy, gardening, and other holistic practices as therapeutic tools for healing. Sometimes I curse a little, but when I'm passionate, I curse a lot. 

I am the proud owner and content creator of Unicorn Coaching Academy, The Trap House of Healing, and all the other dope shit you've stubbled across on this website. I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in Child & Adolescent Therapy, Anger Management, and Inner Child work. I am a current doctoral candidate, so respectfully, I know my shit!

The services I provide are catered to Black families. I enjoy creating safe spaces for my clients to authentically be themselves while they heal their shit. That is one of the many reasons why I created the Trap House of Healing and The Trap House Garden. To learn more about these spaces, or to book a session at the Trap House, click The Trap House of Healing tab from the main menu.



Important Things to Note:

I am a Narrative based therapist. I am certified in sound therapy and meditation.