Intention Setting & Manifesting Dope Shit Candles

Intention Setting & Manifesting Dope Shit Candles
Intention Setting & Manifesting Dope Shit Candles
Intention Setting & Manifesting Dope Shit Candles
Intention Setting & Manifesting Dope Shit Candles

Intention Setting & Manifesting Dope Shit Candles

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Created and Authenticated in Atlanta, Georgia by a Black Therapist.

Handcrafted and poured with love, each 32oz candle is infused with crystals, herbs, and divine energy. No one candle is alike, as each candle is crafted, scented, and selected based on intuition. To use your candle, trim the wick 1/4 inch. As you light the wick, take three cleansing breaths and set your intentions. During this ritual, it is helpful to take 2-5 minutes to engage in grounding meditation and visualization. Do not leave your candle unattended or burning longer than 4 hours. 

** Recommendations: I strongly recommend that while your candle is burning, you take time to put energy behind your intentions. This may look like journaling, doing meditation or yoga, monthly planning, crafting, budgeting, or engaging in a practice that will assist with shifting your energy and helping you manifest your intentions. 

How to set your intention: Each time you use your candle, set your intention by writing it down on a white piece of paper. Then set the candle on top of the intention. The alternative is to say your intention out loud as you visualize the intention come into fruition. The crystals and herbs represent your intentions, while the glitter represents the magic and energy you will put behind your intention. Each time you burn your candle, you'll notice the crystals, herbs, and glitter go deeper into the wax. This represents your intentions being received by the universe. It is important to note that while we can set our intentions and manifest a life of abundance and healing, your intentions will not come into fruition if you don't put action behind it. 

Trauma Release: This candle is designed for releasing the pain connected to trauma. Infused with Black Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, and Black Obsidian, the Trauma Release Candle offers a deep cleanse for the soul by releasing it from years of emotional turmoil and allowing you the courage to visit old childhood trauma with a fresh set of eyes so that you can release the pain with forgiveness and compassion. The Trauma Release Candle offers protection from absorbing the negative energy of others and the environment so you can recharge and claim parts of yourself that you might've lost due to your experience with trauma.

New Beginnings: Infused with Labradorite, Opal, and Rutilated Quartz, the New Beginnings Candle is all about starting over -- whether you're ending a relationship, starting a new job, or moving somewhere new, this candle is the perfect companion for change and new beginnings. Also known as the "Stone of Transformation", Labradorite offers strength and perseverance as you navigate through change. With change comes fear, and labradorite banishes those negative feelings while prompting you to feel empowered to trust yourself and the universe. Accompanied by this stone is the Opal, which provides high vibrations as you acquire freedom, self-confidence and a boost in your self-worth. The Rutilated Quartz helps to promote spiritual and personal development as you move forward with optimism. The Rutilated Quartz relieves fear, stress, and the anxieties that trigger you to feel emotionally stuck and triggered.

Internal Peace & Protection: Created to promote inner peace and protection, this candle is infused with Hematite, Black Tourmaline, and Amethyst crystals. With this candle, you will experience a sensation of feeling grounded, safe, and at peace as you work to establish boundaries with others, shield yourself from the energy and moods of others, and overcome negative thinking. The Amethyst crystal offers calmness to the mind, increases harmony and internal peace, and calls in wisdom. This candle is a great companion for empaths and healers who need to recharge and realign their nervous system. 

Secure the Bag with Abundance: Ready to secure the bag? Attract wealth, opportunities, and financial abundance with the Secure the Bag with Abundance Candle. Infused with Citrine to exude prosperity and abundance and activate the power of manifestation, this candle features crystals that are closely connected to the solar plexus and heart chakras. The candle is infused with Malachite to transform any doubt and fears regarding money, and the confidence to seek out opportunities that you are passionate about, as doing the thing(s) you love is where the money resides. The candle also houses Green Jade to dissolve self-imposed limitations that impacts your relationship with money and financial gain and attracts both wealth and harmony. 

Keep Ya Heart 3 Stacks: Cue Int'l Players Anthem, because this candle is all about self-love and choosing you first. Infused with Rose Quartz to promote unconditional love, Carnelian to activate the sacral chakra to let go of past pain and trauma, and Rhodochrosite to redirect love towards self for the purpose healing, the Keep Ya Heart 3 Stacks Candle aids in raising your vibrations and increasing self-awareness and compassion. As you light this candle, I want you to breathe in love so that you can give and receive love.

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